We blind test a selection of mics from a range of manufacturers.

Several of our clients have contacted us in regards to reviewing and testing a range of microphones. With the help of the incredible vocalist Kyla (who features with Drake on his hit “One Dance” and is pictured above) we supplied a few of the mics that were requested; along with a few curveballs to make it interesting. We enjoyed blind testing these products so much that we wanted to share it with you too!

What microphones are in this shootout?

In particular we were getting a lot of questions about the sound of the various Mojave and Telefunken mics. As such, we ensured we included as many of these that were available. It certainly makes for interesting listening!

What was the process?

All mics were recorded through the same cable, mic pre and audio interface, at the same input gain level. They were then all precisely gain matched using a level analyser to ensure consistency across the listening experience. There were no EQ, compression or effects used on these samples!

To find out which is your favourite microphone, please contact us by Telephone on 0800 6522 320 or by email on info@sxpro.co.uk and we’ll happy to let you know! We also have the raw .WAV files available to send upon request!

Here are the mics in alphabetical order:

  • Manley Reference Cardioid
  • Mojave MA-300SN
  • Mojave MA-301FET
  • Mojave MA-1000DS
  • Neumann U87ai
  • Roswell Delphos II
  • Telefunken ELA M251e
  • Telefunken TF11
  • Telefunken TF47
  • Telefunken TF51

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