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Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System (Education)

Microphone & Preamp Emulation System

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  • Virtual Mic System (Education)
  • Virtual Microphone System
  • VMS One Preamp (Front)
  • VMS One Preamp (Rear)
  • VMS Microphone (Front)
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You must be in education to purchase this product.

In order to be eligible for this discounted education version, we require some form of proof or ID that you are a Student or Teacher in formal education.

We will contact you to ask for this proof of status after you purchase.

The product itself is exactly the same as the retail version of VMS.

Imagine having the world's greatest mic locker full of the most classic microphones from the history of the recording industry.

The ML-1 is an extremely high definition, ultra linear, large diaphragm microphone. It has extremely precise transient reproduction, flat frequency response, and super wide bandwidth, making it the ideal blank canvas on which to impart the colourful vibe of classic tube and condenser microphones. The capsule proximity effect precisely replicates the classic cardioid response of vintage large diaphragm mics.

VMS One Preamp/Converter

To ensure that the ML-1 avoids any colour when recorded to the workstation, Slate created the VMS One Preamp/Converter. Using the most state of the art amplifiers and converters, this super linear and clean circuit is the final step in ensuring that the most pure signal is created, giving the VMS plugin module the opportunity to add the perfect reproduction of classic microphones and preamps.

VMS Plugin Module

The final piece of the VMS system is the VMS plugin module. This module turns the ultra clean signal from the VMS hardware into classic recreations of famous microphones and microphone preamps. It accomplishes this through extremely complex algorithms that are the result of a new state of the art physical modeling precess that is ultimately tuned by ear. The VMS algorithms add zero latency, so recording in realtime through the emulations is easy on a new powerful native system.

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