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Slate Media Technology Slate Control Stereo (Black)

Stereo Monitor Controller with Remote

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  • Base & Remote
  • Remote (Top)
  • Base (Front)
  • Base (Rear)
  • Remote (Rear)
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The new "Slate Control" control room centre section is a state of the art monitoring device built with the modern studio in mind.

Designed by Paul Wolff (formerly of API and Tonelux), it is the official monitor section of the new RAVEN MTX MKII, but it is also the ideal monitoring solution for any professional production studio who demand massive amounts of features, the most pristine sound quality, and convenient desktop workflow. It can even be retrofit in an analog console or sidecar (including easy access to the solo system) to improve the monitoring in older technology. It includes all the standard features commonly found on large frame consoles, including multiple inputs, multiple speakers and LFE control, headphones, studio speakers, cue, talkback, reverse talkback and external solo interfacing.

It can be used as a portable, stand-alone unit, or flush mounted into an existing surface. The front panel is 7" tall, allowing it to fit into the standard fader slots of most consoles.

The signal path from the input to the speakers never sees a DAC, FET switch, VCA or optical device. All switching is done with relays, including the main control room level, which is a relay array that insures exact left/right imaging and precise switching.

Remote Features

  • Seven Balanced stereo inputs: Mix 1, Mix 2, Cue A/B, Cue C/D, EXT 1, EXT 2 and 1/8" input from a phone or player.
  • Relay selections for inputs and outputs, no FET switches or DACs in the signal path
  • ALL inputs and outputs are balanced and diode protected against accidental phantom power (48V) connections
  • ALL input and output cards are field replaceable in the unlikely event of a failure.
  • 3 speaker selections; each one has it's own LFE enable switch that allows the LFE to follow the speaker
  • Speakers B and C, there are trims to allow level matching to the main speakers (A)
  • Cut Left and Cut Right, cuts the speakers signal, automatically mutes if power goes out.
  • Mono switch (true relay sum of L/R)
  • Left speaker polarity, to check the phase of signals and listen to the L - R, when in mono mode
  • Cal Button: Disconnects the main level control ("YOU") and allows you to adjust for a preset level of the speakers, adjustable by a trim pot
  • Built in talkback mic with trim adjust and a talkback mic level trim
  • External talkback mic input (switchable from internal)
  • Reverse talkback mic including level control that allows a microphone in the live room to come through the monitors any time you hit the talk button
  • Talkback Auto button which allows the talkback system system to be engaged automatically any time the music stops
  • Control room to cue A/B (CR 2 CUE A/B) switch that takes whatever you're listening to and sends to cue A/B
  • Talkback button that engages talkback functions
  • Talkback presets: Talkback to cue A/B, talkback to cue C/D, talk back to headphones and studio if studio speaker switch is engaged
  • Headphones: A rotary switch selection to follow control room, mix 2, cue A/B, cue C/D, external 1, external 2, and external 3 which is the eight inch input and it has it's own level control
  • Two headphone jacks on the face of the unit and one on the back, useful when the system in built in to access the headphone system with no visible wires.
  • Cue C/D: Input rotary switch selection control room, follow headphones, external 1, 2 ,3
  • Studio On: Enable switch that turns the studio speakers on
  • Dim control with dim adjustment level
  • Master Control Room Volume (labeled "YOU"), adjusts the speaker level with 1dB increments
  • "Mix 1" is also an alternate input for a solo function, for use with an existing console's solo bus system. Switches over to SOLO when used with an existing side car, when the Slate Control module is used as the centre section for a console.

2U Rack Unit Features

  • All inputs and outputs to rack unit are on D-Subs and conform to the DA-88 pinout
  • LFE balanced output that has three modes: full range, low pass filter at either 80Hz or 120Hz and LFE polarity.
  • Ext talkback mic input
  • Reverse talkback mic input
  • Auto talkback input (two inputs, they both access the auto talk function)
  • Stereo VU Meter output on a 9 pin D-Sub
  • Remote Talkback functions on a 9 pin D-sub connector, which provide remote T/B control, remote DIM control, and a mult of the Ext T/B Mic input

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