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Rockruepel Comp Two

Stereo Vacuum Tube Compressor

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  • Comp Two (Front)
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The Comp Two is an all-valve variable-mu design

The Comp Two can be employed as a tone shaper during tracking, it serves as a versatile mixing tool, and it also delivers great results in a mastering chain.

Each of the time-constant rotary switches offers 10 positions. The attack and release values are slightly interactive, they vary to some degree depending on the setting of the otherparameter. Thus it is difficult to provide exact values for every combination. Both parameter ranges cover a lot of ground, though. The release is specified between 200ms and 4s at a medium attack, whereas the attack can be set between 3.5 and 70 ms at a medium release. But with faster release values the attack becomes faster, too. The shortest possible attack time is around 600 microseconds, which already places the Comp Two in the realm of ultra-fast 'limiting amplifiers', such as the Universal Audio 1176LN. To put that another way, the time constants of the Rockruepel compressor allow for brutal, aggressive limiting as well as the slow, thundering transient shaping, which might be more ideal for mastering applications.

This flexibility extends to the gain-staging possibilities, too. By way of using the input and output potentiometers, the levels inside the unit's circuitry can be set to extreme values without overloading the next processor in the chain. At higher input settings the Comp Two can be driven into a meaty saturation, thanks to its maximum gain reserve — a hefty 32dB, which might be enough to serve as a mic preamp in some circumstances! The Comp Two boasts a threshold knob in addition to the input/output pots. This way, the amount of gain reduction can be set almost fully independently from the tone and output level of its valve-driven line stages.

The Comp Two boasts quality components outside the signal path, too. There are ALPS potentiometers and ELMA rotary switches, and the PSU delivers fully independent supply voltages for both channels, making the Rockruepel a true dual-mono design. The gain reduction of both channels can be linked at the flick of a switch, and the Comp Two offers relay-buffered bypass switches for each channel. The two Hoyt VU meters are mounted on the chunky 6mm aluminium face plate.

  • Versatile Vari-µ compressor
  • Developed for mastering, mixing and recording
  • Completely symmetrical design in the Audiophile style
  • Aluminium housing with 6 mm front panel
  • SOWTER transformers
  • ALPS potentiometers
  • ELMA rotary switches
  • Precise Hoyt VU meters (calibrated)
  • Attack - Release - Threshold (stepped)
  • Output tube: 6CG7
  • Input tube: NOS 613P (Russian produced)
  • WIMA coupling capacitors
  • Additional 'amp only' mode
  • Real bypass
  • Dual mono with separate power supply
  • Side-chain control (54, 74, 110 Hz)
  • Input impedance 17 kOhm
  • Output impedance: 600 ohm
  • Dimensions: 19" / 3U, 270 mm depth
  • Weight: 8 kg

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