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Phoenix Audio Nicerizer Junior

16-channel Summing Mixer

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  • Nicerizer JR (Front)
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Hi-Fi Transformerless Balanced Buffer Input Stage

Our exclusive electronically-balanced Class A discrete transformer-less balanced buffer input circuit (one for each of the 16 channels) delivers fast transients and the full frequency spectrum (from sub-bass to the highest air band), while still delivering the full, warm and smooth characteristics that make engineers love our sound. The +8db switch allows the user to 'hit the input' buffer amp harder delivering a more saturated and fuller sound with extended bass.

Boldly outperforming transformer-based designs in both the frequency response and slew rate, the Nicerizer delivers articulate, punchy and full-bodied input signals, allowing you to drive the output stage for a vast range of pure Class-A tones - from bold clarity to vintage warmth, and everything in-between. The ability to bring to life cold digital mixes, into a broader palette of colour, the Nicerizer is never subtle but also never overpowering with the flexibility to work excellently on all types of music from classical through pop & r&b to heavy rock, the Nicerizer can deliver analogue colour to all your mixes.

Legendary Transformer-Balanced Output Stage

Our custom-wound DB694 output transformer is coupled to Phoenix's proprietary, fully discrete DSOP-2 output amplifier. The DSOP-2 is a direct descendent of the venerable TF1 amp which Phoenix's head-designer, David Rees, developed as an upgrade for vintage Neve modules. Going beyond the TF1, the DSOP2 is the pinnacle of Class-A output circuit design, offering up a smooth transition from ultra-clean to beautifully saturated tones.


  • 16 channels of our Class A, discrete, truly balanced transformer-less input stage
  • Our proven and loved Class A, discrete, custom transformer balanced output stage (DSOP-2)
  • Individual pan control for each channel with detented/stepped pots for extra control (16 x Pan potsP
  • 16 x Balanced Input via D-sub inputs, wired as Tascam DA88 standard. Can accept balanced or unbalanced input with no -6dB loss
  • 4 x XLR balanced outputs with custom transformers on every output
  • +8dB Boost button on each channel
  • Two Master mix bus output level controls
  • Switchable for each channel and Main Output
  • Main Outputs on Balanced XLRs
  • Maximum Output Level of +26dB
  • Huge headroom available on all channels
  • All units are wired with PTFE silver plated military grade cable


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