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Lewitt DTP 640 REX

Dual-Capsule Kick Drum Microphone

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  • DTP 640 REX (Angle)
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  • DTP 640 REX (Top)
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Double capsule for twice the kick

Dual-element kick drum microphone with switchable sound characteristics. Suitable for all bass-heavy applications.

The DTP 640 REX features an innovative dual element design, that combines a dynamic and a condenser capsule in one housing. Switchable frequency responses make for kick-drum sounds that are rich and intense or flat and neutral. In order to ensure full control over the two elements, each has a dedicated output.

Dynamic and condenser in one

The DTP640 REX has two perfectly phase aligned microphones in one housing. This enables you to shape the kick drum sound in unique ways. The dynamic element ensures accurate reproduction of kick drum attack, while the condenser element captures the drum's low end. Each element has a dedicated output.

3 sound-shaping modes

Dynamic =//= Condenser - Both elements with neutral frequency response.

Dynamic +//= Condenser - Dynamic element boosts frequencies between 3 and 5 kHz, condenser stays neutral.

Dynamic +//+ Condenser - Dynamic for range 3-5 kHz, condenser for frequencies 70-150 Hz to deliver full bodied sound.

Sturdy metal enclosure

Solid die-cast metal body

Hardened hexagonal ruthenium-galvanised steel mesh grille

Integrated stand adapter for quick and easy mounting and positioning


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