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Lavry Blue 4496-12 Stereo ADC & DAC

Stereo A/D and D/A Converter

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  • 4496-12 (Front)
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The 4496-12 is the 2-Channel ADC, 2-Channel DAC configuration of the LavryBlue System.

The Lavry Blue System is a modular design which allows the end user to populate the 1U 19" chassis with stereo modules that provide a variety of functions. Each unit may hold up to 4 channels of microphone pre-amplification, up to 8 channels of analog to digital conversion (ADC) or 8 channels of digital to analog conversion (DAC); or a combination of these functions. Each module has two channels and fills either 1 or 2 of the 4 available module slots in the chassis. Basic systems can be ordered with a minimum of one stereo module, allowing user installation of additional modules at a later date.

This configuration includes

  • 1x LavryBlue M-AD 824 - 2-channel ADC module
  • 1x LavryBlue M-DA 824 - 2-channel DAC module
  • 1x LavryBlue M-Sync module

The M-SYNC multichannel clock synchronisation module features ultra-stable crystal-referenced internal or external sync operation at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz. Wide lock mode is available for non-standard sample rates or vari-speed operation.

One M-SYNC is required to provide clocking and synchronisation for all M-AD 824 AD converter modules contained in the same 4496 chassis; This module also provides Word Clock out to sync other units and allow multiple racks of LavryBlue to function as one system.

SKU: 4496-12

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