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Lavry Gold AD122-96 MKIII

Stereo A/D Converter

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  • AD122-96 MKIII (Front)
  • AD122-96 MKIII (Angle)
  • AD122-96 MKIII (Rear)
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The AD122-96MKIII features performance claimed by many but rarely achieved. With a -127dB noise floor 20-20kHz and 0.00005% distortion for signals below -40dBFS, the AD122-96 MLIII offers unprecedented detail and accuracy. Extremely close inter-channel matching that extends to the lowest signal levels preserves the spatial placement and depth of the stereo image. Ultra-stable internal and external clocking circuitry virtually eliminates the “non-musical” distortion effects caused by jitter in conversion. With unique self-calibration circuitry, conversion accuracy is maintained over a wide range of operating temperatures, and the effects of circuitry ageing are minimised. Precise handling of "clipping" and Lavry exclusive selectable Soft Saturation facilitates "hotter" recording levels without undesirable artifacts.

Soft Saturation is a digital emulation of analogue tape saturation which leaves the signal completely linear below the threshold, with selectable 3 or 6dB of additional level. For signals above the threshold, the process has no attack and release time constants which could cause undesirable "pumping or breathing" by interacting with compression or limiting applied either before or after conversion.


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