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Kahayan Epsilon 32-500 & Solid 4000 Modules

32 Channel Summing Mixer with Summing Modules

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  • Epsilon 32-500 & Solid 4000 Modules (Front)
£3,749.00 (inc VAT) £3,124.17 (exc VAT)
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Unique analog with 3 distinct systems of summing. All in one.

  • 32 channels analogue Summing Mixer
  • 3 summing modes
  • 2 main outputs and masters insert on DB25
  • 1 master balanced insert on DB25
  • All outputs and inputs are balanced
  • Master fader and stereo pre-fader Insert
  • The first 8 input channels have Insert and Pan
  • 32 inputs on DB25
  • 2 x 500 series space rackmounts for Kahayan solid 4000 500 modules or any 500 series preamps working as a summing bus

3 Summing Modes:

1-Summing by MODULE: This bundle includes the SOLID 4000 - 500 series modules. Also you can use any 500 series preamps.

2-Summing by KAHAYAN system​: Always included in our systems, it is extremely clear, transparent and open in the stereo image.

3-External Bus Summing: The signal does not pass through any active circuit and has a drop of about -34 db thus must connect our EPSILON EXPANSION or a preamp of two channels to enhance the output level. In this way, it is added with the colour of the previous contribution. Here we open up infinite possibilities in colour, timbre and response; You can introduce pre-valves, the latest generation of discrete concept, etc.​​


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