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Free The Tone Bass Blaster BB-2

Bass Overdrive Pedal

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  • Bass Blaster (Top)
£299.00 (inc VAT) £249.17 (exc VAT)
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The FREE THE TONE BASS BLASTER is an overdrive pedal designed especially for basses. The voltage is boosted internally to ±15Vdc in order to easily be able to control the wide dynamic range of the bass guitar. It has excellent touch response that bassists request, and the sound characteristics are not lost regardless of whether the bass is played with a pick or fingers. The pedal creates the fat overdrive sound that most bassists are looking for. Treble and Bass tone controls are perfectly matched to the characteristics of the bass and provide a wide range of tonal adjustment.


  • Wide dynamic range and powerful expression based on +/-15 V DC internal boosting.
  • Excels in the reproducibility of touch every bassist seeks and never loses the bass’ original sound characteristics whether it is played with a pick or fingers.
  • Drive sound with presence not buried in nor masked by band sound.
  • Astoundingly excellent Signal-to-Noise ratio.
  • Exceptional sound stability by using long-life high reliability components.
  • NOTE: Due to relatively large current consumption, it is recommend to use an power supply rather than a battery.


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