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Free The Tone ARC-3 (Silver)

Audio Routing Controller

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  • ARC-3 (Top)
  • ARC-3 (Rear)
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The ARC-3 is the FREE THE TONE's flagship model completed after improvements in operability and reliability based on practical tests at live venues, rehearsal studios, etc.

The ARC-3 has a built-in HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) Circuit that operates at an internal voltage of +/-15V DC to preserve the original characteristics of a bass, guitar, effects and amp. It manages everything at the input and output, including the send and return for effects, and the signal line.

The ARC-3 provides the sound quality FREE THE TONE has created for professional musicians on request.


  • FREE THE TONE HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit installed.
  • The top panel has a 12-degree angle to improve display visibility and footswitch operability.
  • The distance between the foot switches is 71.5 mm (2.81") in the vertical direction and 80 mm (3.15") in the horizontal direction, and custom foot switches are used. These short stroke switches respond quickly in order to follow even fast operation.
  • A special panel is provided for changing settings or selecting presets. Operability is drastically improved by reducing the levels of edit menus as much as possible. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent editing.
  • Link function enables the user to connect two ARC-3s together and control them.
  • Mute function enables MUTE control from an external footswitch.
  • By switching Display modes, the MIDI program change numbers for each channel that is currently being sent can be checked at a glance.
  • The LED for each footswitch is covered by a lens to prevent sweat or other moisture from entering directly into the internal circuits. Also, a felt sheet is attached to the back of the display unit for further protection.
  • High-strength molded plastic phone jacks are used to ensure safe and long term use.
  • Number of MIDI Program Change Number Parallel Sends: 8 (MIDI Send Channels: CH1–CH8 fixed)
  • Number of MIDI Control Change Number Parallel Sends: 8


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