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Elysia Museq

Dual Mono/Stereo Equaliser

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  • Museq (Front)
  • Museq (Rear)
  • Museq (Inside)
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This analogue EQ is a combination of premium sound shaping capabilities with optimally matched parameters and the highest quality components, enabling the user to find musical results quickly and easily. The five bands and their ample gain ranges as well as some special features make sure that the museq can be used flexibly in any tracking or mixing situation, and the stepped controllers are easily repeatable for mix bus or mastering applications.

Each of the two channels offers three parametric bands with a two-position switchable Q. The outer bands per side are low/high shelf designs which can be separately switched into a low/high cut mode. In the cut mode, a resonance peak keeps the knee frequency from sounding overly damped, reminiscent of inductor circuits in classic designs.

Each of the five gain controllers per side can be altered from boost to cut with a single switch, for easy location of problem frequencies and twice the number of available gain steps. Each channels has a switchable option for adding strong harmonic color of the signal, making two EQs in one. Many will prefer the color setting for mix use and the clean for tracking, but this is up to you to discover.

The circuit design of the museq is 100% discrete analog technology. All signal processing is realized with single transistors in permanent class-A mode, and even the power supply is composed of fully discrete circuits. An oversized transformer, selected capsuled conductive plastic potentiometers as well as special current feedback amplifiers are part of the technical refinement. The combination of these elements aims at maximum signal quality and guarantees clean and powerful sound characteristics even when extreme settings are used.

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