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Earthworks DK25/R DrumKit

3-Piece Drum Microphone Kit with KickPad

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  • DK25/R Microphones
  • DK25/R (Set)
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The DK25/R is for recording and has two TC25 Omnis for overheads, an SR25 cardioid for kick drum, a KickPad and a windscreen. This model is ideal for use in an enclosed acoustic environment or in a drum room/booth.

The Earthworks DK25/R DrumKit is 3 microphone kit for recording comprised of 2x TC25 Omni microphones for overheads and 1x SR25 cardioid for miking kick drum with the inline EQ KickPad.


Its polar pattern is consistent across all frequencies, simplifying mic placement, virtually eliminating phasing issues and ensuring more gain before feedback. The microphones in the DK25/R have a transient response that is lightning fast, handling sharp attacks with ease, while still picking up all of the subtle nuances and softest dynamics of your playing. Even the loudest drummer cannot overload the DK25/R DrumKit, which can handle high sound pressure levels.

With an extended ruler-flat frequency response, the result is a more accurate representation of the original sound. Each microphone’s transient response is ultra fast, handling sharp attacks with ease, while still picking up all of the subtle nuances and softest dynamics of your playing.

With a whopping SPL rating of 150dB the TC25s have plenty of headroom for miking overheads, so there is no need to worry about distortion, even with the loudest drummers. And there is no proximity effect, so you can get the TC25 as close as you want to the sound source.

A good kick drum microphone needs to be designed and optimised for that specific purpose. This means the microphone is great for kick drum and nothing else. Therefore we designed the kick drum optimisation in an external XLR package - the KickPad. Just plug the KickPad into the mic line going to the SR25 microphone for incredible results. With the KickPad removed, you can use the same SR25 for most anything.

All three high quality Earthworks microphones in the DK25/R DrumKit will provide stunning results on a wide variety of instruments and vocals. As an added bonus, the KickPad will improve the sound of other popular microphones used for kick drum.


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