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Crane Song Ibis Mastering Version

Fully Parametric Equaliser with Detented Controls

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Detented Fully-parametric Equaliser

IBIS is an analogue equaliser that boldly takes equalisation to a new level of musicality. Each of its four bands features switch-selectable frequencies centreed on and covering musical-step intervals from 32-Hz "C" to 22.35-kHz "F." Its four overlapping bands are labeled with note names and frequency allowing for the first time a "translation" between musician-speak and engineer-jargon. The bandwidth control has similar notation with adjustment from 0.2 octave to 4 octaves per band and a boost / cut range of 12 dB.

The low-cut filter is switch selectable from 20-Hz to 150-Hz with slopes of either 12-dB or 24-dB per octave. Like most Crane Song products, IBIS utilises discrete class-A circuitry and features a truly unique and adjustable "colour" function that can be applied to either the entire audio path or to any individual frequency band. A fully stepped mastering version is also available.

Eveanna Manley made the IBIS star of an audio equipment show that she was adjudicating. The smoothest and most musical EQ beast on the planet, with the unique colour control per band or per channel, which gives a depth and warmth, especially to bass. The IBIS also has a separate fully variable HPF. This unit shows what Q (.2 > 4 octaves) really does. Like all Crane Song units, use for 15 minutes and fall in love. The Hz and KHz are uniquely also marked in musical notes

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