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Coleman Audio RED 48

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The Coleman Audio Red 48 is a 2U summing console designed to replace all the main features of main mixing consoles in a modern DAW-based setup.  The Red 48 by Coleman Audio includes three different sections, a control room monitor, a talk back function and finally the mix buss.   Starting with the control room section, the Red 48 boasts three balanced stereo input and the mix buss which can be selected as the source, while the control room and alternative monitors’ level is adjusted via a passive stepped attenuator. A Dim switch is also included.  Following the control room section we find the communication section which includes a talkback microphone with its dedicated level control, a slate output to designate tracks and dedicated remote switches. The Cue signal can be assigned as a cue mix control or control room signal and the engineer’s headphones can take the control room signal or the cue signal. It has its own level control and can receive talkback signal in cue feed mode.  The third section is the mixing section which comprises 48 inputs which are panned hard left and hard right and combine to 24 stereo inputs. Designed as a summing engine, All the EQ, levelling, panning is done inside your DAW or through your analogue gear via a patchbay. The RED 48 also features a stereo insert allowing you to put a compressor, limiter and EQ across an entire mix. This can be bypassed via a dedicated switch for A/B comparisons.  The RED 48 also includes a remote with a Penny and Giles stereo master fader and three switches to control talkback, slate and dim.   The Mix buss sends analogue signal via XLR to a CD recorder or back to the DAW. It can also be used as an alternative cue feeds offering further flexibility in the monitor mix.

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