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Audix SCX25A

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  • SXC25A (Front)
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Uniquely shock mounted within an intricate machined brass ring, the SCX-25 capsule is completely isolated from the mic body and the electronics. By successfully minimizing acoustic reflections and diffractions, SCX-25 delivers a pure, open-air sound unlike any other microphone, regardless of size or cost. Delivering a smooth uniform cardioid frequency response from 20 - 20k, the SCX-25 will reproduce vocals and acoustic instruments with exceptional detail and realism. The SCX-25 is very consistent when responding to incoming off-axis signals, exhibiting excellent phase coherence and minimal proximity effect.

By employing miniaturized low noise components, the preamp circuitry for the SCX-25 is housed within a brass microphone body which is merely 4 inches long. The result is the smallest footprint of any large diaphragm microphone to date, allowing the SCX-25 more convenience and freedom when it comes to mic placement. And because of the internal capsule suspension mounting system, the need for costly shock mounts is eliminated and set-up time is greatly simplified.

The SCX-25 operates on phantom power of 48 - 52 Volts. Optimum results will be achieved by using the SCX-25 with a high quality mic preamplifier and premium quality microphone cable.


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