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Audiolinear AXIS

4x3 Passive Monitor Controller

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£699.00 (inc VAT) £582.50 (exc VAT)
3 Years
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The zero compromise passive monitor controller

  • No change to sound quality or fidelity
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • High quality connectors
  • Reliable, good build quality

The AXIS delivers these and more. It can receive up to 4 stereo inputs and route the audio to up to 3 balanced stereo outputs. It also features Mute, Dim and Mono controls and another feature that is often overlooked in monitor controllers - volume trims. The volume trims allow you to gain match the outputs so that your monitor pairs are at the same volume, vital for A/B comparisons between monitors.

High Quality Components

The AXIS is full of the highest quality components. The beautiful central stepped volume control was carefully selected from dozens of options and produced by ELMA, the trim pots are from ALPS, the TRS sockets are Neutrik and the Phono sockets are Switchcraft.

Connect your phone or device

The mini-jack input allows you to directly connect a mobile phone or similar device to listen to reference music, rough takes or anything that you may want to conveniently and quickly connect and listen to.


  • Two stereo pairs of balanced TRS inputs (Neutrik)
  • One stereo pair of phono inputs (Switchcraft)
  • One stereo mini-jack input
  • Three stereo pairs of balanced TRS outputs (Neutrik)
  • High quality central ELMA stepped volume control, ergonomically positioned
  • ALPS trim pots to gain match your monitors for precise and fair A/B comparison


W 207mm, D 169mm H 87mm (including feet and volume pot)


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