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AEA TRP2 The Ribbon Preamp

2-channel Microphone Preamp

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  • TRP2 (Front)
  • TRP2 (Rear)
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Perfect for any ribbon mics, the TRP2 has phantom power for all of your condenser mics too!

The original TRP was the first preamp designed specifically with ribbon mics in mind. In response to the rise in popularity of ribbon mics in studios, we added key features to the TRP2 that allow studio users greater flexibility with modern equipment.

The TRP2 preamp now includes phantom power. Though ribbon mics are historically passive in design, trends have gradually shifted toward active electronics. Nearly half the microphones in the AEA line require phantom power.

No Blow Mode: Phantom Power Lock Out

For the cautious engineer’s peace of mind, each channel of the TRP2 is equipped with an internal phantom power toggle switch. The internal toggle switch can be armed to prevent accidental phantom power activation from the buttons on the TRP2 front panel.

Higher Impedance and More Output

Like the RPQ2, the new TRP2 has a higher input impedance of 63K Ohms and will have 85dB total output. The TRP2 delivers more gain than almost any other preamp available today.

Universal Switching Supply

In consideration of our many non-US users, the TRP2 includes a universal switching supply that eliminates the need for those users to swap out power supplies.

Rack Ears

Additionally, the TRP2 can be purchased with a set of rack ears that allows mounting a single TRP2 in a single rack space.​

Genuine Half-Rack

Two TRP2s can be mounted next to each other in a single-space Mid-Atlantic Shelf. On the bottom of the TRP2 is a hole that allows you to screw through the prefabricated holes on the shelf. Two TRP2s can fit on this shelf and will only take up a single rack space.


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