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Looptrotter SATUR-8

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£2,100.00 (inc VAT) £1,750.00 (exc VAT)
Special Order: 3 to 5 Days
Number of Channels
Eight (8)
Variable Per Channel, Switchable Bypass
Output Level
Variable Per Channel
Switchable Per Channel (L,C,R)
Analogue Inputs
8x XLR Female, 1x DB25 Female
Analogue Outputs
8x XLR Male, 1x DB25 Female
Aux Inputs
2x XLR Female
Mix Outputs
2x XLR Male
2x TRS Input, 2x TRS Output
1 Year
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SATUR-8 is another original project introduced by LOOPTROTTER AUDIO. It is a result of thorough research and time-consuming experiments which were to lead to coming in the analogue sound to the cutting-edge technology. It provides eight separate channels and saturation block referring to the sound of vintage valve consoles and tape recorders.

SATUR-8 works as an analogue soft limiter as well. It slightly aligns the signal and adds low-order harmonics in a smart way. It can be used either during recording and mixing stages. The unit sets a solid and fat sound in the recording, proccessing and mixing stage of previously recorded tracks.

The Looptrotter Monster Compressor was a primary point of reference for the creation of SATUR-8 because of its acknowledged saturation system based on vaccum tubes. We managed to achieve a distinct sound of vaccum tubes with the usage of semiconductor technology.

SATUR-8 is user-friendly. All the channels are equipped with two knobs: DRIVE (saturation depth) and OUTPUT (output level). Saturation depth (the amount of added harmonics) is indicated by two LEDs at 4 and 8% THD.

SATUR-8 is also an analogue summing mixer 8 x 2 with insert slot. Each of the eight channels allows to set the panning (L, C, R), whereas stereo output level is set with a Master pot. AUX input allows you to hook up another SATUR-8 and multiply the number of channels.

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