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Kush Audio UBK Pusher

Unique Distortion Plug-in (Download Code)

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Pusher is a sound sculptor's dream, an artist's tool that bends the rules of physics to generate genuinely new musical distortions and transient colourations. It models the unique sound-bending properties of 4 magnetised metal cores and, through the use of controls the world has never seen or heard before, lets you creatively shape their harmonic complexity and transient character. The result is an unprecedented palette of colors from the classic to the cutting edge.

Pusher then feeds that texturised signal into what is easily the punchiest and wildest UBK compressor to date, and packs the whole control set into an unabashedly forward-thinking GUI that picks up where the UBK-1 left off.

Pusher also sports Kush's new Custom Preset Managment system and a novel "Cheat Mode" which labels & explains every one of this beast's controls. The fun with this one is in the exploring!


  • Unique: "Transient Enhancing" distortions
  • Magnetic Saturation behaviors not possible with Analog
  • 4 Chaotically Interactive Magnetic Cores
  • Punchy Diode Limiter with variable Attack & Release
  • Colourations ranging from subtly sweet to downright alien
  • Multi-point Serial & Parallel Blend signal flow
  • Cheat Mode labels & explains everything clearly
  • iLok 1 or 2 required

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