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Kush Audio Omega Transformer Model 458a

Preamp/Saturation Plug-in (Download Code)

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  • Model 458a (GUI)
£29.00 (inc VAT) £24.17 (exc VAT)
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Model 458a represents Kush's first foray into tube modeling and generates a truly next-level distortion. Riding just on the edge of the 458a's breakup can transform something limp into something animated and alive, with a fat bottom and velvety top-end presence that can't be duplicated using conventional eq techniques.

If I've got tracks that need more vibe, more colour, and less of the fast, sharp transients digital is famous for, Omega Transformer plugins are my weapon of choice.

Transformer plugins are extremely cool on their own, giving my VI's, loops, and found sounds the character of carefully chosen, boutique analogue circuits.

When a Transformer is used on tracks recorded with the Omega Preamp, the effect is quite stunning: a dead-on replication of the original hardware's sonic signature. This is not "sounds kinda like..." this is "sounds exactly like".

Transformer plugins are very simple to use - just turn the Intensity knob and a lovely, distinct flavour unfolds. The resulting Transformed tracks mix easier, sound sweeter, give EQ's more mojo to extract, and feed compressors a rounder, punchier transient to play with.

The result is a truly magical Transformation.