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Earthworks DK25/R

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  • DK25/R (box)
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The Earthworks DK25/R for Recording Includes 2x TC25, 1X SR25, 1x Kickpad. Three microphones capture every nuance of sound from each piece of your drum set with exceptional clarity and cohesiveness.

The Earthworks DK25/R DrumKit system is for 'Recording' and has two Earthworks TC25 omnis for overheads, an Earthworks SR25 cardioid for kick drum, a KickPad and a windscreen. The KickPad plugs into the mic line going to the SR25, for a perfect kick drum sound, instantly. Works with Earthworks and other cardioid microphones. The Earthworks DK25/R system is ideal for use in an enclosed acoustic environment or a drum room/booth. For live performance or 'multi-miked' drums using four or more mics in a studio application, the DK25/L is recommended. The typical practice of miking drums is to use a separate mic for most elements of the drum set, along with two overhead mics. This normally involves the use of five to seven microphones, or more. While developing a new series of microphones for percussion, Earthworks went into the studio to try them out. They only used two mics for overheads and one for kick drum. What they heard blew them away. They then made a comparative recording of the same drum set using seven other mics that are some of the industry favourites for miking drums. In comparing these two recordings, the difference in detail and sound quality of the three Earthworks mics vs. the seven industry favorites was staggering. The Earthworks microphones captured every nuance of sound from each piece of the drum set with such an exceptional clarity and cohesiveness, that it sounded like a live set of drums, not a bunch of pieces. This discovery led to the development of the innovative Earthworks DrumKit System, providing a 'dramatic improvement' in the sound quality of miked drums.


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